The Ultimate Guide To Blockchain Developer Communities

  • Reddit is a power to be reckoned with on the internet, numbering a staggering 430 million users worldwide and an innumerable variety of communities that are considered to be some of the most active in online space.
  • Telegram is just as attractive as a venue for communities, considering that the messenger boasts a user base of over 540 million and offers advanced functionality for channel launching. As such, Telegram is the favorite means of communication for blockchain and cryptocurrency fans, many of whom admire the messenger for its discretion and privacy settings in terms of cryptography. Telegram is host to both English and Russian communities of blockchain developers, as both are considered to be some of the strongest in terms of development of blockchain and related technologies.
  • Discord closes the lineup of platforms with its 350 million user base. Given the fact that the platform offers a good variety of topics and functionality for channel launching and maintenance, it has attracted the attention of blockchain developers and is acting as a venue for various communities.
  1. Blockchain is a dev community with over 744,742 amazing developers, who constantly share updates on technology development and discuss various other related topics. In fact, BLOCKCHAIN is also a place where developers find potential employers and fast-track their careers.
  2. CryptoDevHub is another community, where developers from the crypto and blockchain worlds come together to discuss various topics of interest and the development of the market as a whole. A great place for those seeking insights into cryptocurrency topics and the underlying coding and programming specifications. The members of the community are extremely supportive and never shy away from giving rather wholesome explanations on questions posed.
  3. Codementor is a specialized community of coders, where various tutorials and other guides on blockchain development and coding can be found in open access. The platform is completely free of charge and offers a wide variety of helpful tips for those looking for answers related to blockchain programming languages, smart contract tuning, and much more.
  1. Ethereum Development and DApps, with its 87.7 thousand member community in Reddit, is an Ethereum-related dev talk platform, where contracts, DApps, wallets, clients, infrastructure services, tooling, UIs, patterns, and other kinds of topics are discussed and improved in a relaxed atmosphere. Considering the fact that Ethereum is the largest blockchain network on the market, the wealth of knowledge and information on this resource is staggering, making it the go-to place for all Ethereum coders and admirers.
  2. Crypto Devs is another community in Reddit with 10.5 thousand members that is considered to be the official source for crypto-related discussions on technical issues and updates on developments in the space. The community is more dynamic than many others, since it involves a great amount of news streams and information that can be considered insight into the world of blockchain.
  1. Solidity Learning — an 1.5 thousand member strong English language community of lovers and developers of the Solidity programming language. The resource provides a wealth of information and tips on using this key language that makes up the base of a good half of all blockchain applications.
  2. CryptoDev by 0Y — 1.7 thousand Russian-speaking members strong. This community is all about the exchange of information between developers of various projects and included crypto fans. The development branch of the forum is rather well-developed, but the biggest value of it resides in the fact that it attracts numerous fans of cryptocurrencies, adding a touch of relevance to the real world of finances and applications. The goal of the community is to create a Russian-speaking space, where developers can exchange information, formulate new ideas, find new challenges and, most importantly — capital.
  3. Cyber Academy comes up next with 1.8 thousand Russian-speaking members and focuses on development of blockchain technologies and related solutions.
  1. Crypto Devs is a considerable community in Discord with 5.3 thousand members, considered to be the go-to place for all lovers of the platform and adherents of blockchain technologies. The community is vast and touches on virtually all topics related to blockchain and cryptocurrency space.
  2. Buildspace is another major community of developers with over 8,000 members who communicate about the various aspects of development. The server is quite popular with blockchain specialists and programmers.
  3. Go Ethereum comes up next with 1.4 thousand members as a major place for discussions revolving around all things Ethereum-related. The community is largely focused on discussions about underlying programming languages, updates, and even a touch of philosophy regarding decentralization.
  4. CryptoDevHub exists on Discord as well with 1.1 thousand members and offers all willing to join in a host of various topics separated by category. The community is quite vibrant and international, meaning that anyone can find answers to their questions.
  5. OpenEthereum with 0.3 thousand members is another Ethereum-dedicated space, where developers of all creeds and nations discuss the solutions and issues of the biggest blockchain network.
  6. Token Engineering is considered to be the place for discussions on token development processes and tips. Here, members communicate about the various designs and methods for deploying tokens of different standards.

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